Q. How do I subscribe for Tarokaloy service?
A. There are three types of categories – Free, Regular and Premium. Regular and Premium are two types of subscription comes with Auto Renewal. One can visit www.Tarokaloy.com and give consent for subscription. Or one can send Start TD to 280089 from robi number / Start ADT to 280089 from Airtel number

Q. How much do I have to pay for Tarokaloy?
A. Subscription Charge for Regular Content: BDT 2.00 (excluding 15% VAT+ 5% SD and 1% SC) every day both for online base subscription.

Q. I am using iOS, can I subscribe?
A. Yes, iOS users will be able to use the service as it is WAP and WEB based service.

Q. I am using Android, can I subscribe?
A. Yes, Android users will be able to use the service as it is WAP and WEB based service.

Q. How do I unsubscribe from the service?
A. An user can unsubscribe in two ways:

Tarokaloy Un-subscription:
SMS: STOP TD to 280089  from robi number / STOP ADT to 280089 from Airtel number
WAP/Web: Browse http://demo.tarokaloy.com and click unsubscribe option.

Q. What type of contents will be available in this service?
A. Video and Article.

Q. What is the link to browse Tarokaloy service?
A. http://demo.tarokaloy.com

Q. How many contents I can download in a single day?
A. There will be no download option in this service.

Q. Can I browse Tarokaloy without subscription/registration?
A. Yes you can. Also you will be able to see free contents.

Q. Will this service be automatically renewed?
A. Yes, Tarokaloy daily service will be automatically renewed every day until you deregister from the service.

Q. Will there be any data charge for browsing the contents?
A. Yes, standard data charge is applicable for browsing contents.

Q: Can other operator use Tarokaloy?
A: Yes, if the service is launched with other operators.

Q: Do I need to buy mobile internet package for browsing this service?
A: It is optional, you will require mobile data/Wifi for enjoying the service.

Q: Will I be able to browse through WiFi internet?
A: Yes, user will be able to browse through WiFI internet.

Q. Whom I can contact to learn more?
A. For any kind of help, contact with our customer care to below numbers or email.

Customer Support:
Customer Care Number: 01842135547 or 01648847912 (From 10 AM to 5 PM excluding Weekend and Govt. holidays)
Support Email: care@einstechstudio.com